Monday, November 10, 2014

Misc January 2014

Here are a few things that happened in January 2014!

Daddy and Jane catching some zzzzs

Jane continuing gymnastics

Colin enjoying some snacks at Jane's gymnastics

Mommy and Jane getting in some cuddles.

Jane loves to give Rocky cuddles

Jane doing some dusting for Mommy!

Colin playing with our neighbor Ava!

Colin looks pretty cute with a head flashlight

Jane and Colin getting in some quality time!

Jane and her beautiful January projects from preschool!

Early January 2014

New Year's Eve 2013 was fun at home with our family.  We got a dancing video game for Christmas so Michael, Jane, and Colin were trying it out while I took pictures (I'd had a few turns and I was pooped!).  I also took some video but Michael might never speak to me again if I post it!

On New Year's Day, 2014, we went over to Auntie Lauren's house to play.

 The older kids helped Evelyn and Jane play dress up.  They had a blast coming down the stairs in various getups.

Jane came down in this beautiful blue cape and sang "Let it Go" from Frozen (still in theaters at this time!)

Just a few days later, we were back at the Smith's for Evelyn's birthday party!  Cameron and Eden were there to help and it was a pretty great party!

They played ring around the rosie

And did some dancing and twirling downstairs

Then played pin the tiara on the princess!

Made crowns with foam and stickers

Played a guess the princess game

Then it was time to open presents!

Here she is opening the puzzles Jane got for her

Then it was time for a runway show!

And cupcakes!  They got to dip their own in sprinkles

Jane had a BLAST at the party - she loves Evelyn!  There's a video below with a little clip from New Year's day and the rest is fun from Evelyn's party.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Misc December 2013

We got a real tree this year, and it smells so yummy through the whole house!  We have some wonderful soft ornaments that Nikki made for us, and those go on the bottom of the tree where the kids can play with them.  Here are Jane and Colin putting some on the tree:

More tree decorating:

I saw this cool sunset where the shadow of the mountain behind me made the foothills in front of me dark.
The night after I took this sunset picture, it snowed heavily for the first time this season!  In the morning Jane ran into my room asking, "Mom, can I play in the snow?  Mom, I want to play in the snow!  Mom!  Mom, wake up!"  I rolled out of bed and put some warm clothes on her and sent her into the front yard.  I took a video from the window.  It's pretty boring, even though as a mom I love to watch my baby even if it's boring.  But I put some music to it to help it along a little.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from that morning:

It's hard to tell but it's snowing heavily
On December 6, Michael and I went to see the BYU choirs give their annual Christmas concert.  It was totally amazing.  This is Jane and Colin waiting for their babysitter (neighbor Ashley).  They were both excited to see her!

Michael and I had a great time.  Unfortunately late that night, our basement flooded mysteriously.  Everything was so wet that we had to pull up the carpeting to vacuum up the water and it took days to get everything dry.  Pretty frustrating in such a busy month!

Jane couldn't sleep downstairs with her carpeting pulled up and half a dozen fans blowing constantly, so she had to sleep upstairs with Mommy and Daddy.  One night she fell asleep on the couch while she was snuggling with the kitty and it was so cute I had to take a couple of pictures:

Mommy with messy hair and Colin snuggling one morning.

Jane sharing cereal with Colin on the couch

Jane holding Colin on her lap.

This is a picture of Michael trying to convince me to
open my presents two weeks early.
At our ward Christmas breakfast this guy rocked the accordion.
I made dozens of these finger
light-sabers for Jane's cousins
as Christmas presents. Pretty cool!
Jane and Colin play pretty cute in the bath
Jane and Colin are able to play more and more together every day!  Jane hid inside this cardboard box to the delight of her brother.

Jane and Colin had a little early Christmas fun when Nana and Grandpa Dennis came over to celebrate Christmas before they left for the east coast.  Nana made Jane a beautiful duvet cover for her bed which will keep her roasty toasty!  The kids also got a few fun toys.  

Jane took this picture of Colin in his crib.
She loves to take pictures!

She also took this one of her and Mommy.

We had a movie night with Mommy's friend, Elizabeth.

Jane sat on my lap while we watched Elf.

Elizabeth and Michael on their devices!

One morning I came up the stairs to see Jane and Rocky
sitting like this.  It was adorable.

Colin and Daddy in church, both looking
so handsome.

Jane all dressed up (with pony!)

Jane and Daddy doing Mommy's hair.  Ouch.

Jane and Rocky getting in some good snuggles!

Here are Jane's beautiful projects from preschool this month!

Well those are all of the random pictures from December!  Now I'll put together posts for Jane's preschool play, Erika's sing-along, and Christmas itself.